Bobcat Unleashes A Beast

New T86 compact track loader and S86 skid steer is the iron merchant’s most powerful loader lineup to date.

Bobcat unveiled its T86 compact track loader and S86 skid-steer loader, which it claims are its most powerful loaders to date as well as raises the bar for productivity, attachment versatility, speed, control and weight-to-horsepower ratios for loaders in this class.

The compact loader delivers three hydraulic flow options in one machine, setting a new industry benchmark in performance and attachment versatility. Also setting the T86 and S86 apart is the West Fargo-based manufacturer’s exclusive Premium Power Performance, a power management system that distributes power more efficiently on loaders equipped with high-flow and super-flow hydraulics.

The T86 and S86 loaders offer greater attachment versatility and productivity. Bobcat engineered each component – including the engine, pumps and hydraulic system – to deliver maximum hydraulic performance so operators can work quicker, lift more and take productivity to new heights. The three hydraulic flow options are:

  • Standard Flow (23.0 gpm, 3,500 psi) (Standard). Select standard flow to operate attachments that require lower hydraulic horsepower.
  • High Flow (36.6 gpm, 3,500 psi) (Optional). Provides additional hydraulic power to boost production of attachments like a flail cutter, trencher, planer and stump grinder.
  • Super Flow (42 gpm, 4,061 psi) (Optional). Tackles demanding attachment applications, including pavement milling and clearing trees and heavy brush, with attachments designed specifically for super-flow hydraulics.

Bobcat designed its attachments to be fully integrated with the carrier’s electronics, hydraulics, and geometry. And, with these 80-platform loaders, operators have added attachment versatility. The T86 and S86 power a variety of attachments including those specifically designed for super-flow hydraulics such as super-flow snowblowers.

Several attachments require control of more than one function, and Bobcat’s small, seven-pin attachment harness activates power and fingertip control functions while eliminating the need for the mechanical relays used on other loaders. The T86 delivers added usable engine and hydraulic horsepower with 105 hp and 3,800 lbs. rated operating capacity.

Bobcat boosted the horsepower for the T86 and S86 while optimizing machine weight, resulting in greater lifting capacity, impressive breakout forces and leading maneuverability for fast cycle times.

In addition, the T86 and S86 loaders’ R-Series cooling system has been completely redesigned for optimal operation and maximum uptime availability. Bobcat’s R-Series loaders feature a larger, higher capacity radiator and a cooling fan that is about twice the size of traditional fans. The fan achieves more cooling at a slower rotation and is more energy efficient. The larger fan also generates less noise around the engine for a quieter ride and operation.

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