2022 Leadership Award Profile: Mark Aquilino

Outdoor Pride’s Mark Aquilino elevates those around him to improve his company, his community, his industry, and himself.

Being a New England kid in the late 80s and 1990s, there was no shortage of sports heroes. From the Patriots – a certain Tom Brady comes to mind – the Sox, the Celtics or even the Bruins a boy had his pick of athletes to look up to. Being surrounded by champions breeds loyalty. And it gave an impressionable Mark Aquilino a different perspective ... that all things are possible and if you work hard and work together you can achieve anything.

A natural leader driven to success, Aquilino took over the family business, Manchester, NH-based Outdoor Pride, at a relatively young age. Armed with only ambition and a strong sense of teamwork, he has been able to take the landscape and snow management business to new heights.

“I often say to the Outdoor Pride team, we’re the New England Patriots of landscaping and snow management because it’s just not one person with all of this talent,” he says. “Instead, we’re a team that draws out the special attributes from one another.”

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