ASCA Makes Headway In Pa

Association's model legislation is making progress but requires a legislative push in Harrisburg from Keystone State snow fighters.
The Accredited Snow Contractors Association’s fight for positive legislative change is seeing momentum build in the Pennsylvania state legislature for its model legislation.

The ASCA have been working very closely with the Pennsylvania state legislature and its lobbyist in Harrisburg to generate support for its bill, House Bill 1702, says ASCA Executive Director Kevin Gilbride.

“I’m pleased to report we are encouraged by the discussions and anticipate increased activity on this bill in the coming weeks and prior to the upcoming election,” he says. “In fact, we are working to include ASCA’s model legislation, House Bill 1702, into a similar bill, House Bill 1887. This bill may be up for consideration by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.”

Gilbride stressed the Pennsylvania snow and ice management community must rally around House Bill 1887 and amendment A07334 and generate support among state legislators.

“I believe with the snow contractor community’s support we have enough time to get HB 1887 passed this year,” Gilbride says. “We need Pennsylvania contractors to contact their state representatives and urge them to support House Bill 1887.”

To contact your representative, Pennsylvania snow fighter are encouraged to follow these simple steps:
1. CLICK HERE to look up your representative
2. Click on the name of your PA House Representative
3. Under their picture, click on the white envelope. If another page opens here, then click on the word “contact” at the top.
4. Fill in your contact information
5. Copy and paste the following into the comment box:

Dear Representative,

I urge you to support House Bill 1887 and amendment A07334. I work in the snow and ice management industry and this bill would go a long way in solving an issue that we as an industry have been dealing with for way too long. Unfair contract language places all of the liability on snow and ice management companies, regardless if we are contracted to provide service or not. This language often creates hazardous situations for Pennsylvania residents by not having a property serviced. Therefore, these residents often slip and fall and are injured as property owners pass the liability on to us and reduce services. In the end, not only are residents put in harm’s way, but the insurance industry has, by and large, stopped insuring snow and ice management companies. Those that do are doing so at rates that were as low as $15,000 a year and are now charging nearly $200,000 for their policies. This is not sustainable.

House Bill 1887, with the added language from A07334, will help even the playing field. We would still hold liability when we service properties. However, the bill simply says if we are told not to service, then we are not liable.

Gilbride adds Pennsylvania snow contractors should also copy and paste the same message outlined above and send it via email to Speaker Bryan Cutler ( and Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff (

"Contractors should contact me directly if they have any questions and be sure to let me know if you hear back from any of the legislators," he says.
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