2021 Leadership Award Profile: Rafael Diaz

At Diaz Group, you’re not just an employee. You’re part of the family.

Maneuvering through Chicago’s competitive and aggressive business environment is a challenge, and to be successful you must stand your ground and take your knocks. Diaz Group’s Rafael Diaz likens it to boxers in the ring engaged in a knock-down, drag-out fight. And the person who stays on their feet the longest wins.

As a business owner and leader there are a lot of failures along the way that end up being valuable learning experiences.

“You need to be strong to withstand those,” Diaz says, “and that’s what made our success.”

And like a boxer, you must know when it’s time to dance around the ring and when it’s time to take a stand and put up a fight.

“That’s how you turn negatives into positives, and it becomes a part of your culture,” he says.

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