Reduce Winter Exposure

Getting a handle on the types of claims an accuser could file against your snow ops this season will position you to best manage against those risks.

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Fall has started and winter is right around the corner. Each season brings challenges, and from a claim perspective, snow and ice management contractors must be well prepared to protect their businesses. As always, slip-and-fall claims remain a significant concern.

For contractors who have been sued before, they know a plaintiff will allege negligence against as many entities as possible. They allege defendants were negligent for failing to provide safe conditions on the property, and that failure led to the plaintiff’s slip and fall and resulting injuries.

These cases, though, come down to documentation or lack thereof. To defend against such claims, abiding by ANSI Industry Standards is necessary. This includes:

  • Maintaining industry certifications and training documents;
  • Clear and fair contract language;
  • Pre-season site inspection records;
  • In-event and post-event service documentation;
  • Photographs, and;
  • Maintaining all communications between entities involved in the services performed.

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