Boost Your In-Season Training

Alleviate the stigma associated with training. Instead, make it a task your workforce looks forward to engaging in throughout the winter season.

Preseason training for snow removal supervisors, foremen, and crew members is a challenge. After all the plans are finalized, content and materials created, schedules drawn up and so on, things never seem to play out quite as expected. Likewise, staffing takes longer than anticipated, and personnel changes occur at the worst possible time.

So, for any number of reasons, attendance is never quite at 100%. Then Mother Nature throws her own curveball and the first winter event blows into town three weeks early. This unpredictability is almost predictable. Yet somehow, the training gets completed. But how often do you find yourself wishing you could do it all again, only better? Well, there’s always next year.

Next year?

I don’t know about your business, but this is a recipe for disaster at our company. We already know most of our production-related issues – including but not limited to poor productivity, service-related complaints, property damage, vehicular accidents, and employee injuries – are avoidable with more thorough and effective training.

While we can’t turn back the clock to repeat our preseason sessions, we can and do supplement them with specific in-season training that is primarily intended to reinforce and refresh what has already been covered. Here, for your consideration, is Diaz Group’s approach to making the most of in-season supplemental training.

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